Simitaiji is founded by two designers of different backgrounds, brought together by their love of Singapore and all things unique.

The brand name came about completely by accident. Being a brand that was all about our local identity, we wanted a name that resonates with Singaporeans, while leaving a lasting impression on foreigners. Initially conceived as a t-shirt brand, we thought of naming ourselves SMLJ, which is short for Small Medium Large Jumbo (or Si Mi Lan J***). Thankfully we thought better of it, and Simitaiji came to be.

Our products are designed and made with the intention of presenting the Singapore spirit and culture through our eyes. Every design is a perspective with a local slant, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we did producing it.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with new and refreshing products, hence we only produce a limited quantity for each product. We aspire to be a brand that is constantly evolving, and we are excited that you are making this journey with us.