Managed to catch "7 Letters" a local production that shows what make us Singaporean. Many familiar scenes to Singaporeans from all woks of life and these seven short films somehow managed to allow many of us to relate to them, breaking any generation boundary. We felt that this probably is the best reflection of what make us truly Singapore and there are so many things we can learn from through these stories to pass the Singapore spirit on. It is definitely a rare sight for our audience to remain in their seats throughout the credit. Indeed, an encouragement to Singapore film and art industries.

We were invited to join in Naiise's launch event of their EPIC new store at Central, Clarke Quay tonight and it was really #naiise (pun intended) catching up with Dennis, Amanda and LiBing among other Naiise people.

Do check out their store at Central, they have acquired what was previously Goods of Desire. Yes, it is a massive store. It is testimony to how far Naiise has come in the short couple of years since they first started out. It really show us that dreams can be achieved if one works hard and believes in it.

On a side note, Dennis and Amanda (founders of Naiise) are getting hitched! Wishing you guys the best and a happy and blissful marriage. :)

We just did a bit of corporate branding for Orita Sinclair School of Design. 

Osmosis was created as a hypothetical design studio for students of the Diploma in Design Communication. It's primary aim is to bridge the gap between institution and work, as well as to give students a taste of working in an actual design studio. 

With Orita Sinclair often being abbreviated to OS, we thought a name that includes that will be apt. We decided on Osmosis because it hints at the transition from one state to another. 

Sneak Peek

June 30, 2015


2015   SG50   Simitaiji  

Here's a little something we've been working on recently!

50 Going On 50

June 28, 2015


We spotted a lovely mural at North Bridge Road Hawker Centre depicting our forefathers looking forward to 50 years of independence. 

Have you ever wondered what Singapore will be like 50 years into the future?

On the agenda today.

Too often we fixate on nostalgia when it comes to designs that evoke the local Identity, more so as we celebrate SG50 this year. Have you ever thought of what Singapore will be like in 50 years?

So we spotted this usually patriotic bicycle along Sultan Mosque, and we've got to say, it definitely screams Singapore a whole lot more than the ugly balls that have appeared atop various cars and buses. 

The owner is a really nice uncle too. 

Do keep a lookout for them when you are next around that area!

It's midnight, and we're just setting up to start work on silkscreening for our Golden Jubilee Patriotic Mitts.

It's tough when we are both holding day jobs, but the real satisfaction comes from the genuine appreciation and interest we get for our products.

Stay awesome, godspeed!

The first few are finally out!

Here's a glimpse at our exclusive SG50 colourway for our Patriotic Mitts.
We've chosen to go with Royal Blue for its regality, paired with a nice Gold as we celebrate Singapore's golden jubilee.

These mitts are going at $50 a pair, and are painstakingly hand-crafted from scratch. They will only be produced in limited quantity (ie. till we finish our roll of cloth).

Pre-orders are now open – simply drop us an email at with your name, address and desired quantity. You can also drop by our FLEAWHERE booth on 13th & 14th June 2015 at The Promentory, Marina Bay if you would like to see the mitts in the flesh.

In the mean time, we will be feverishly screen-printing and cutting up cloth.

Here's a sneak peak at our latest edition of the Patriotic Mitts, having undergone a royal makeover!

More updates to come in the following weeks.
Watch this space!